Master Environmental Policy and Planning

!!!Unfortunately, we have to discontinue this program until further notice!!!!

Global environmental change is one of the most severe challenges facing mankind today. Climate change, water pollution and scarcity, and the loss of biodiversity require new skills from decision-makers and those who advise them. All over the world the demand for environmental experts with a strong background in social sciences, in particular policy and planning is growing steadily as the ability to provide accurate political analysis and professional skills to develop integrated plans and long-term strategies becomes increasingly valuable. Experts and decision-makers who seek to create innovative solutions to today’s complex problems need the knowledge and skills of not just one discipline but several. Successful solutions arise from careful policy analysis, impact assessment and planning capabilities. Our Master’s Program “Environmental Policy and Planning” responds to these challenges by combining together the fields of political science and planning.

Our graduates will possess excellent academic qualifications so that they will be able to work in research and inform policy-making processes as much as work successfully in business companies and in NGOs.

Our teaching is dynamic and is closely connected to research which will utilize our international networks. Interdisciplinary methods will be pursued and outside experts from business, politics and administration will be involved in our teaching activities.

Berlin is a perfect location for a good cooperation between government, administration, parliament, business and science.

!!!Unfortunately, we have to discontinue this program until further notice!!!!