The Master EPP Program is divided into four Parts:

  1. Compulsory courses
  2. Core electives
  3. Electives
  4. Master’s thesis


  1. Compulsory modules: Introduction and Project Phase

The fundamentals in the two main fields of the program will be provided in core courses offered in the winter term. They have to be taken by every student and are scheduled in the first term.

The study projects are part of the core element of the program and are scheduled for the first and second term. They are designed to focus on methods and theoretical approaches of environmental policy and planning and provide the opportunity for practice-oriented work in teams.Over and above the projects present the chance to exercise and improve one’s project management skills and capacity for teamwork which are essential for practitioners in environmental policy and planning.


Compulsory Modules Credits Term
Introduction to Environmental Policy 10 ECTS winter
Introduction to Environmental Planning 10 ECTS winter
Project in Environmental Policy: Theory and Methods 15 ECTS

winter to


Project in Environmental Planning 15 ECTS

winter to


2. Core Elective Modules

A large portion of the program (30 credits) is designed to be core elective modules. Here students can choose from a wide list of courses. The choice element is divided into modules from the field of environmental policy and planning and modules. The Environmental policy and planning core elective modules with a total of 30 ECTS must be chosen from the following list.

Core Elective Modules Credits
International Comparative Environment-, Climate- and Energy Policy 10 ECTS
Environment, Climate and Energy Governance 10 ECTS
Vulnerability, Resilience and Catastrophe 10 ECTS
Internship in Environmental Policy and/or Planning 10 ECTS
Environmental Assessment 5 ECTS
Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment 5 ECTS
Landscape Planning 5 ECTS
Landscape Planning and Society 5 ECTS
Geoinformation Systems 5 ECTS
Remote Sensing in Environmental Planning 5 ECTS
Economic Analysis of Environmental Policies 5 ECTS
International Environmental Policy Analysis 5 ECTS


3. Electives

An elective module of 10 credits can be chosen from any university within Berlin and/or Brandenburg. Please check with the examination board of the MA EPP in advance in order to receive approval for the electives you have chosen.

  1. Master´s Thesis

In the fourth term of the program each student prepares a thesis on an approved topic which is discussed during the Master’s Thesis Colloquium. The master’s thesis is a 27 credits task.

The thesis serves the purpose to demonstrate the student’s ability to structure an argument surrounding a topic or problem significant to policy or planning practice, policy or planning theory or the profession itself. The goal is to present a scientific analysis from the definition of a problem, via an analysis that ends into academic conclusions. The thesis is an individual study on an issue of the students own choice related to one of the program’s topics. Each student is supervised by a faculty member.

Course Plan

Term Core Modules Core electives Electives
1. Term
(30 ECTS)
Introduction Environmental Policy
(10 ECTS)
Introduction Environmental Planning
10 ECTS)
Project Environmental Policy               (15 ECTS) Project Environmental Planning
(15 ECTS)
2. Term
(30 ECTS)
Core electives                      (10 ECTS)
3. Term
(30 ECTS)
  Core electives           (20 ECTS) Electives                             (10 LP)
4. Term
(30 ECTS)
Master Thesis and Colloquium          (30 ECTS)