Application for Recognition

For the application process at FU Berlin, please use the two forms below, attach copies of the official documents stating the timely scope, your performance and the type of course you attended, scan the papers and send an electronic version to Ms Pankrath and Ms Jörgensen, who will process your request and forward it to the examination board.

Application form

Application for recognition


For the application process at the TU Berlin, please go to the TU Berlin’s Prüfungsamt and ask for the form ‘Antrag auf Anerkennung’ (Application for recognition). Fill in and sign the front page and indicate if modules should be recognized as elective (Wahl), compulsory (Wahlpflicht) or in addition (Zusatz) on a separate sheet of paper (e.g. a letter). Send the application with all certified copies (beglaubigte Kopien) to the examination board for the Master Environmental Policy and Planning. The Campus Center will help you with the certification of copies.

Find here a commented version (comments in English) of the form "Antrag auf Anerkennung" to facilitate the application process.

Please direct the mail to:


Technische Universität Berlin

Fachgebiet Umweltprüfung und Umweltplanung

Sekr. EB 5

Prüfungsausschuss Master Environmental Policy and Planning

Straße des 17. Juni 145

10623 Berlin


Or drop it off at the secretary’s office (Mr. Klaus Klisch) in room EB 217 (daily between 9.30am and 11.30am).


The examination board will check your application and inform the Prüfungsamt about its decision.

For further information on the recognition of credits from universities abroad, please contact the Akademisches Auslandsamt.